Donate to My Safe Haven


When you donate, you're giving a victim renewed strength, bringing families

closer together and uniting entire communities. You can change lives.

Our support is free and confidential, and continues for as long as it takes for people to recover from the impact of the crime they’ve experienced. But we cannot deliver these important services and support without the efforts of our fundraising teams, and donations from members of the public.

We want to support more people affected by crime and to enable them to cope

with the devastating effects it may have in the future. 

My Safe Haven is a 501c3 charitable organization, Tax ID # 47-3387466. We depend on donations and grants to provide free services to victims of crime. You can make a donation by mail, phone, or online through our secure donation site. 

Other Ways To Support Us

We are excited to announce our new partnership with, an innovative business that funds non-profits through real estate transactions. When you buy or sell a home anywhere in the United States through, they will make a generous donation to My Safe Haven. To get started just click the link and fill out the simple form. From there they'll connect you with one of their excellent, experienced real estate agents. Start here:

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My Safe Haven Wishlist

In order to support our direct services we still need to fund the operations of our offices, and make sure we have a professional environment in which to work and meet with clients and partners. With that in mind we are asking for your help to keep our dollars focused on direct services by providing support for our office operations. Below you can find a list of items that you can donate that will help us accomplish this as well as items we supply our clients in emergency situations.

  • Gift cards - to allow us to purchase office supplies; i.e., toilet paper, paper towels, reams of paper for the printer, cleaning supplies for the office, printer ink, training supplies, etc.

  • Gas cards - that we can provide to clients to purchase gas to attend hearings, etc.

  • Items for our fundraising events including auction items, raffle prizes and giveaways.

  • Items for our emergency go bags for men, women and children that consist of:

    • backpacks

    • deodorant

    • soap/body wash/washcloths 

    • feminine hygiene products

    • toothpaste/individually packaged toothbrush

    • Shampoo/conditioner

    • brush/comb

    • socks/underwear (men,women and children) in various sizes

    • small fleece blanket

    • sweatpants/t shirts (men, women and children) in various sizes

    • Fast Food gift cards/grocery gift cards